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Humic acid

Humic acid reacton with heavy metals

Arsenic and heavy metals from the tailings migration is a matter of concern , as this could cause potential harm to groundwater and ecology. Recently more and more attention is focused on the effects of natural organic matter in the environment of toxic substances migration behavior.

Experimental studies using the column method to evaluate humic acid (HA) to arsenic and heavy metals ( e.g. Cu, Pb and Zn) migrated from a Pb-Zn oxide ore tailings sample viability. The samples were collected from Bathurst , New Brunswick province of Canada .

Capillary electrophoresis analysis showed arsenate [As (V)] are the only forms of arsenic tailings extracted at a pH value of 11 HA does not cause the introduction of the oxidation -reduction reaction or arsenic methylation reaction . The initial pH was adjusted to 0.1% of a 11 HA solution is selected as the eluent , and distilled water ( initial pH adjusted to 11 ) was used as a control to illustrate the effects of physical mixing and pH on arsenic and heavy metal migration capabilities.

The study found , Humic Acid can significantly enhance the migration of arsenic and heavy metals in the tailings . After a 70- pore volume of leaching and migration of arsenic , copper, lead and zinc are up to 97,35,838 and 224mg/kg.

The study found that in the presence of Humic Acid , migration and migration of arsenic and heavy metals iron positively correlated . In addition , migration and migration of heavy metals arsenic have good correlation .

In the case of the presence of Humic Acid , the coexistence of the metal by the metal bridge into the mechanism helps soluble hydrated organic arsenic compound , and in a way to enhance the migration of arsenic.

Application of arsenic and heavy metals in Humic Acid conduct repair may be developed as an environmentally friendly and effective remedial measures to reduce and avoid further contamination.

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