About Us

Saint Humic Acid is specialized in Humic acids.Main Products are Humic acid, sodium humate,potassium humate,ammonium humate,nitro humic acid,boron humate,potassium fulvate ,fulvic acid,bio fulvic acid ,Zinc Fulvate,Ferrous Fulvate,Cupper Fulvate,Boron Fulvate and so on R&D and marketing,established in the year of 2010.

Our Humic acids R&D team is guided by famous humic acid expert who has worked in this field for 17 years,which make strong expertise to guarantee our quality.Our fertilizer R&D teach is guided by one experienced technician who have more than 10 years working experience to make sure our formulation is effective and cost saving.

Our team member is experienced and innovative to create new solution and products.Our R&D have good mangement of Quality control department to make sure all of products are qualified and stable,now our products has already good market overseas like US ,EU,Australia,Newzealand,Mid east and south Asian countries.

Our main products are Humic acids,Potassium Humate,Sodium Humate,Ammnium Humate,Nitro Humic Acids,Boron Humate,Magnesium Humate,Amino Humate,Chitin Humate,Potassium Fulvates ,Calcium Fulvate and Fulvic Acid.