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Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate Application

Sodium Humate Description

Sodium humate is humic acid sodium salt,completely soluble in water ,appearance is exactly the same as potassium humate.

Sodium Humate Application

Sodium humate can not used for agriculture,only can be used for feed additives.As it contend high in sodium,which is not necessary for plants and crops.Potassium humate is completely used for agriculture.

In animal husbandry, sodium humate can be used as a feed additive to promote the health and growth of livestock. It can improve feed conversion efficiency, promote weight gain, and enhance the immune system of animals. It has also been shown to have benefits for poultry.

  • Make a variety of feed nutrients to fully break down complex molecules and good organic combination of increased gastrointestinal function, protein assimilation.
  • Improve the permeability of animal cell membrane and protoplasm, Increase muscle cells clearance of water and water content, Pig hair light and skin tender phenomenon that caused.
  • The adsorption of humic acid make the feed nutrient  through the intestinal tract more slowly, enhance the absorption of digestion time, improve the absorption of nutrients.
  • Sodium humate make the non-protein amide of feed reached full advantage, feed protein translate into muscle protein high limited. Reach muscle growth potential, increase the proportion of lean meat,while the humic acid molecules residues in the intestinal tract that also can absorb the ammonia in waste,both reduces the odor of feces, and increasing the fertilizer by absorption of ammonia.
  • Sodium humate containing quinone based  involved  in  the  redox processes of the body, Make metabolism, promote cell proliferation, accelerating growth.
  • Sodium humate can improve gastrointestinal function, promote the secretion of gastric juice, increased appetite, promoting the nutrients into the body in a faster, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal and curb corruption breeding.

In industrial processes, sodium humate can be used as a dispersant, thickener, and emulsifier. It can also be used in the production of drilling muds, as it can help to stabilize the borehole and prevent damage to the drilling equipment.

Overall, sodium humate is a versatile and useful organic compound that has a wide range of applications in agriculture, animal husbandry, and other industries.