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Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate Details

Potassium Humate Property

Normally is black powder or granule, PH 9-10. it’ll transfer to Ha colloid when put it in acid solution.



(dry basis)

80% Min 95% Min 75% Min 95% Min 95% Min
Content of Humic Acid

(dry basis)

45-55% 55% Min 60% Min 65% Min 68% Min
Moisture 15% Max 15% Max 15% Max 15% Max 15% Max
K2O (dry basis) 7% Min 8% Min or 10% Min 10% Min 8% Min or 10% Min 10% Min
PH Value 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-10


1.  As organic Potassium fertilizer for plant. Using potassium humate solution to spray, seed soak, dip root or apply it with other fertilizer, it can improve plant trunk content of potassium ratio and absorbing potassium amount, reduce chemical potassium fertilizer remain anion in the soil caused bad effect to soil and crop, and improve quality of agricultural products. Ha-K can be directly apply to soil as organic potassium fertilizer, can be substitution fertilizer of inorganic K fertilizer Potassium Chloride, it not only can effectively absorbing Potassium to crop, but also increase content of quick result potassium, reduce capacity fixed potassium for sticky soil, and absorb and store k ion, prevent from loss with water in sand soil and eluviated strong soil. It has better effect for increasing yield and harvest to vegetable, fruit tree, tobacco etc economical crop. Normally can increase 20-40% of output.

2.  Compound with N.P. to Humic Acid organic inorganic compounded fertilizer.

3.  As main component for organic inorganic liquid fertilizer. Using this kind of Liquid fertilizer, can improve crop absorbing utilization rate of fertilizer, enhance crop output, modify crop quality; owing to synthetic physiology function of Humic Acid, it can improve 5-7% of vitamin and containing sugar quantity of crop , and enhance anti-disease ability of crop, reduce using of pesticide; it also can modify soil physical and chemical character, increase soil hold water feature and breathe freely feature. So it’s the first choice green fertilizer currently for zoology agriculture. If applied it , it could increase output of vegetable economic crop.

4.  Mix with other inorganic fertilizer to solid rinse fertilizer.

5. As anti-collapse agent for petroleum drilling fluid, As to detail guide for rinse organic K fertilizer for all kinds of crop.


Net each in 25kg plastic woven bag or complex paper bag , lined with PE bag.