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humic acids counter drought

Humic Acids Drought Resistance

Most of Humic acids is extracted from Leonardite or peat through KOH ,NAOH or Ammonium Hydroside.Only the one extracted through KOH has the best effect when applied to plants together with Nitrogen or Phosphorus fertilize like Urea MAP DAP MKP.

Potassium humate is one of powerful soluble humic acids, is naturally organic matter directly supply to soil, could create a proper environment for seeds germination.As humic acid could improve soil structure into crumb from compact condition, which is easy to hold water.

Humic acids has stronger CEC could chelate more nutrients like Zn,Cu,Fe, B and so on such microelements,also could largely stabilize nitrogen and slow release, unlock the phosphorus in the soil, directly supply potassium, in the meanwhile optimize Ca Mg S. Accordingly, could balance all the nutrients supply, the soil fertility is greatly increase. Thus the seed could grow a large and strong root system, in converse could absorb more nutrient and water.

Potassium ion could control close and open even regulate the stomata on the leaves, thus reduce leaf transpiration, reduce plant water consumption.

Through the above humic acid could work as naturally anti drought agent,such successful field test has been made in Shanxi province in China for wheat, have good effect.