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Humic acid restoration of sandy land

Humic acid as the most active part of humus , soil formation , physical and chemical properties , and plays a key role in fertility . No humus and humic land , it can not be called soil .

At present, many parts of the world are faced with the dilemma gradual desertification. About one third of the area is desert on Earth , about one-fifth of the world’s land is threatened by desertification , global desertification is growing at an annual rate of more than 60,000 square kilometers of extension . China is one of the countries most seriously harm desertification , desertification area has reached 1.689 million square kilometers , accounting for 17.6 % of land area , mainly in the inland basins , plateaus, 4,500 km from east to west , north-south width of 600 km desert belt , and an annual expansion rate of 2460 square kilometers , the country has 400 million people are directly affected by desertification. According to experts , the economic losses caused by sand damage of more than 1000 billion a year. Although our sandy land governance has made some progress, but is still an important factor in desertification environmental impact on the ecological environment.

The results showed that the use of humic insurance agent, urea complexation of humic acid , humic acid desert soil covering the effect of desertification control film products significantly , and cost savings, high survival rate fixing plants .