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Humic acid liquid drip irrigation

Humic acid is accumulated by a series of the geochemistry process and the decomposition and turning of the animal and plant residues .It could be obtained from peat, lignite, danty and some soil samples. Brown-black humic acid is a kind of mixed material. It is a kind of polycyclic condensed organic compounds. This kind of substance has good function in Increasing the soil fertility and the soil improvement.

Humic acid fertilizer is based on humic acid as the carrier of fertilizers. It is a multifunctional organic fertilizer. After being plowed into soil ,it can improve soil and improve the ability of soil to keeping the fertilizer and providing the fertilizer. It also can strengthen the activity of soil organisms and activate soil nutrients by the slow release of nutrients.

Humic acid liquid drip irrigation is a kind of humic acid fertilizers. After being microbes in the soil, humic acid fertilizers can product a large number of organic acid. It can significantly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer available nutrients. Humic acid liquid drip irrigation fertilizer is rich in comprehensive nutrient elements. According to the different crops and different growth cycle, you can adjust the fertilizing formula.

The advantages of humic acid liquid drip irrigation:

  • Superior interaction of humic acid and inorganic nutrients improved the utilization of fertilizer.
  • Improved the soil granular structure.
  • Conserve water and fertilizer.
  • The operation simple and easy.
  • Sustainable development.