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Humic acid increase agricultural yield

Humic acid increase agricultural yield

Humic acid increase agricultural yield test made by Institute of Coal Chemistry researcher Lishan Xiang is a veteran experts engaged in the humic acid research for decades, he told reporters that of humic acid-organized research began in the late 1950s. Since then, the humic acid experienced a nearly 30-year development period.

In 1980-1985, under the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, 32 agricultural universities and research institutes to establish collaborative research group of humic acid agricultural applications, formal Field trials carried out in 19 provinces.

Years of study results show that humic acid fertilizer, humic acid contained in the soil and manure compound of humic acid has the same nature, and can improve soil physical and chemical properties, and enhance crop resistance from the synergistic effect of inorganic nutrients, plant growth stimulation to improve crop quality, which is the industry often say that the humic acid in agricultural applications on five roles.

The five effect of humic acid in agricultural applications is determined, the country had to promote humic acid fertilizer, in large measure to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand caused by insufficient due to fertilizer.

However, because of the lack of standards and clear about the concept of factors, the humic acid fertilizer once vigorous cold, and gradually fade from view. The last century, nearly 30 years after the mid-1980s, the study of humic acids are basically at a standstill, such as urea, ammonium phosphate fertilizer varieties and compound fertilizers in the development in full swing.

Now restricting China’s economic and social development, resources, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, and humic acid fertilizer for its unique advantage of renewed attention.

The prominent feature of humic acid fertilizer with a low-carbon, green, efficient, and humic acid extracted from brown coal, weathered coal, abundant raw materials. Humic acid fertilizer, especially the new water-soluble fertilizer, ushered in the development of new opportunities.

The experts said that the Humic acid increase agricultural yield, the synergistic sustained release of trace elements and natural organic features, and fertilizer combined with the most environmentally friendly, safe new varieties of organic and inorganic fertilizer. Humic acid dilution solubilization, to play the same efficiency, attenuated the effect, become one of the most popular new types of green and safe pesticide and pesticide compatibility. To this end, to promote the scale of the humic acid fertilizer, pesticides, will optimize fertilizer, pesticide structure, improve agricultural ecological environment is of great significance.

“The energy saving is hard. Now generally fertilizer plant to produce one ton of nitrogen fertilizer requires 1.3 tons of coal, fertilizer utilization doubling, less burning half coal. Therefore, from the point of view of energy saving, fertilizer change is an inevitable requirement. humic acid can improve the utilization of chemical fertilizers, reducing the amount of fertilizer, in fact, reduce energy consumption. In fact, humic acid fertilizer is traditional fertilizers ‘partner’. “China Humic Acid Industry Association Cengxian Cheng that” humic acid from the soil as fertilizer environmental risk characteristics to compensate for the deficiencies of traditional fertilizer. “