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Humic acid

Humic Acid Help to Improve Environment

From weathered coal, lignite, peat extraction of natural Humic acid , rich in raw materials, inexpensive, environmentally friendly nature, so by the research and application of all ages.

Humic acid has a weak acid, hydrophilic, cation exchange, complexation capacity and higher adsorption capacity of humic acid polymer has the characteristics of a great deal of concern in environmental technology and applications. Humic acid products as anti-scaling of corrosion inhibitors and biocides in industrial water treatment has been the development and utilization of, and achieved good results.

At present, commonly used in water treatment corrosion inhibitor in cooling water systems at home and abroad are mostly the product of the phosphate series (referred to as phosphorus). Phosphorus emissions will cause the eutrophication of surrounding waters, the development of low-phosphorus or phosphorus free green water treatment agent has become the main direction of water treatment agent.

Sodium humate molecules containing hydroxyl, carboxyl and other active groups, these groups with a more negative charge to the outer layer of the metal ion track electronics, or covered by the metal surface of Fe3O4, SiO2 and CaCO3 with humic sodium complex, stable and dense chemical adsorption protective film – neutral insulating layer formed on the metal surface, and thus separated from the metal surface and the corrosive medium, and slow down the chemical corrosion of metal surfaces, showing a good scale dissolve dirt and corrosion inhibition properties, humic acid water treatment agent into a new direction for the development of green water treatment agent. Because humic acid fluid additive filtrate reducer, viscosity, anti-sloughing, and has good salt tolerance and high temperature capability, and thus are widely used in the oilfield.

Organic Humic acid has a large specific surface area, so it can absorb large amount of solid and gaseous materials have shown good prospects for application in industry, agriculture production. Sodium humate can reduce the escape of ammonia in ammonium phosphate production, thereby reducing the cost of production of the slurry method DAP.

Humic acid as an efficient, low-cost ultrafiltration of surfactant can reduce production costs in recent years has been the concern of foreign researchers. The oil contaminated soil remediation study concluded that humic acid has a strong organic matter solubilization, desorption of diesel increased linearly increases with the concentration of sodium humate relations, and humic acid in the oil contaminated soil reduces the surface the amount of active agent, thereby reducing the pollution of the environment. Weathered lignite humic acid as the main raw material of the retaining agent, you can make aquasorb products reduce the cost by about 10%.