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Humic Acid Function

Humic Acid Function need to make clear of The humic acid working principal, PH value of 11, can neutralize alkaline, alkaline soil and reduce the plant to eliminate the hazards, so that low-yielding saline be improved, in order to create a good crop seedling growth and soil conditions.

  1. On soil microbial flora and enzyme activity. Microbial composition of the soil in one of the important reasons for the transformation of soil organic and inorganic matter, nutrient cycling; well as essential during plant life activity of biologically active substances – a – a formation of the enzyme have an important impact .
  2. Humic acid can promote microbial activity, increased the number of soil microorganisms to enhance the activity of soil enzymes such as the fact that information has been confirmed by numerous studies abroad.
  3. And agreed that the application of humic acid to make aerobic bacteria, actinomycetes, cellulolytic bacteria number increased considerably. To accelerate the mineralization of organic matter, and promote the release of beneficial nutrients. Therefore, the application of humic acid, can prevent fruit rot disease, yellow leaves, leaf, fusarium wilt.
  4. humic acid fertilizer and fertilizer have synergistic effect. With the rapid development of China’s chemical industry, chemical fertilizer production and application of an increasing number of additional chemical fertilizers on the development of agricultural production will undoubtedly play an important role.
  5. But with the increase in the amount of chemical fertilizer, fertilizer investment costs. Lower utilization of fertilizers and other issues, have gradually reflected.
  6. At present, the Chinese interest rate of 30-50% nitrogen, phosphorus utilization 10-20%, 50-70% utilization rate of fertilizer, how to improve fertilizer efficiency, has become a very important research topic worldwide.
  7. There are many ways to improve fertilizer efficiency, the most effective results in the use of biological active additives deactivated humic acid, enhance its compounds, adsorption, chelation, and other chemical activity of microbial and biological activity to effectively improve fertilizer utilization.
  8. Humic acid on crop growth and development role. Containing a variety of functional groups of humic acid, humic acid is activated to become an effective bioactive substances, on crop growth and metabolism in vivo stimulation, this feature is not available in the general fertilizer after activation of the biological activity of humic acid efficient Substance use by soaking a certain concentration, the Baptist roots, dipping, spraying, irrigation, fertilizer and other ways to make the various crops have significant stimulatory effect. Overall performance on promoting root development, crop yield and quality factors influence for good.