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Humic Acid formulation

Function of humic acid

Humic acid has strong function to stabilize nitrogen and slow release them to increase the efficiency, also could reaction with Al+, Fe+ such metal iron to release Phosphorus ion the soil to convert them into the form of adoptable for plants.

Base on this interesting feature of humic acid, it could be naturally working as chemical coating agent for Nitrogen Phosphorus like Urea, Ammonium sulfate, MAP, MKP, DAP and so on, could largely increase the using efficiency.
Also some one experienced to make blend mixing with humic acid and other NKP fertilizers, after test they get obvious difference, Humic acid coating has the best effect, mixed blend is better than single use NKP fertilizer.

Specific steps

1.Prepare NKP fertilizer like Urea (N46%), Ammonium sulfate(N21%), K2SO4, MKP, KNO3, MAP, DAP and so on according to Specific ratio of NKP,
2.Make solution of lower portion of the NKP ratio, then put into granulator to make granules,
(For example of Urea coating, put Urea into granulator then some portion of Humic acid begin to make granules)
3.After granulation, then get into the drying process, always we suggest two steps of drying, if one time strong fire will make the granules into split also the Urea will become gas.
4.After drying is sieving, the smaller granules will go back into the granulator to restart .
5.The last step to make package.

Humic acid formulated with macro elements and microelements

As humic acid has strong chelate function so it is easy to chelate Micro elements like Zinc, Fe, Cupper, Mu, Si and so on.So we could formulate these together.Like Zinc humate, Iron humate, Cupper humate, Silicon humate and so on.
This way, these humate could work as special fertilizer according to the plants favorite element.For example Rice, we could formulate silicon humate.Such humate could firstly stabilize the N to increase absorption and mobilize enough potassium and release phosphorus, thus to optimize macro elements, then optimize the soil structure to foster microelement, important optimize all the beneficial elements for plants.
Another important function to fix heavy metals to avoid to be absorbed by plants, create clean and green harvest .yield will largely increased at least 30%, natural taste will be obtained.

Some Field test

We applied to rice field with silicon humate, make contrast from the root system with the one not used, has good effect.
We treat some vegetables seeds and get good Germination rate, even second year seeds.
We applied Humic acid NKP formulations as base fertilizer, potassium humate as irrigation achieved good harvest in greenhouse.

Some other formulations

Based on its strong chelate function, we could formulate humic acid with amino acid chitosan seaweed and so on to create base fertilizer, irrigation fertilizer and foliar spray.