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Huimic Acid

Humic Acid Details

Humic acid is widely found in nature macromolecular organic material , widely used in agriculture, forestry , animal husbandry , petroleum, chemicals, building materials , medicine and health , environmental protection and other fields, across dozens of industries . Especially now promoting ecological agriculture , pollution-free agricultural production, green , pollution-free green products, more so ” humic acid ” highly respected , proved inseparable from human life and survival of humic acid, it is indeed a developing promising sunrise industry , is a new type of special industries.

The artificial coal oxidation (such as air, ozone , or nitric acid ) to form a regenerated humic acid , such as coal with nitric oxide, the product obtained is called mild NHA .

Extraction method is to use the acid treatment , take off some minerals, then dilute alkali solution extract was added sprig , you can get humic acid precipitation. According to the solubility of the humic acid in a solvent , can be divided into three components :
① soluble in acetone or ethanol part is called brown humic acid ;
② acetone insoluble part is called black rot acid ;
③ dissolved in water or dilute acid part is called fulvic acid ( also known as fulvic acid ) .

The basic structure of the humic acid molecules and lipid aromatic ring, even on a carboxyl group , a hydroxyl group , a carbonyl group , quinone group , a methoxy group and the like functional groups. Are exchanged with metal ions , adsorption , complexation, sequestration and other effects ; in the dispersion system as a polyelectrolyte , a condensation, peptization , dispersion effect. Humic acid molecules have a certain number of free radicals, with physiological activity.

Humic acid and its products have multiple uses . In agriculture, nitrogen , phosphorus, potassium and other elements made ​​of humic acid fertilizer combination ( for example : with ammonia and ammonium fertilizer humic acid humic acid can be made ) , with fertilizer efficiency , improve soil and stimulate crop growth , improve the quality of agricultural products and other functions ; nitro humic acid used as a rice seedling transfer ; humic acid magnesium, zinc and humic acid , humic acid , respectively, in the supplementary urea iron soil magnesium , zinc corn , fruit trees has a good effect on iron deficiency ; humic acid and nitrofen , atrazine and other pesticides , can improve the efficacy, inhibiting residues ; sodium humate effective for the treatment of apple rot . In animal husbandry , sodium humate for antler hemostasis, nitro humic acid urea complexes as cattle feed additives also have a good effect. In industry, sodium humate used in ceramic mud adjustment ; pressure boiler , locomotive boiler scale ; humic acid ion exchange agent for handling waste water containing heavy metals ; sulfonated humic acid sodium used in cement superplasticizer ; humic acid products also used for oil drilling mud treatment agent ( see oilfield chemicals ) ; purified humic acid used as a lead-acid battery cathode expanders . China has such a variety of products , used widely .