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Humic acid

Humic Acid Can Slow Release Fertilizer

Of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the quarter were lower utilization of conventional fertilization , fertilizer losses caused serious water pollution , agricultural pollution and other issues, the ecological environment had a negative impact.

Humic acid is mainly move through the remains of the plant and microbial decomposition and transformation of a series of processes and geochemical accumulated forming a complex of natural ingredients like organic substances. It is used as a polymer complex organic polymer containing a large amount of reactive carboxyl and phenolic hydroxyl groups can form chelates with various fertilizers or complex, physical adsorption and ion exchange , which play an water and fertilizer , improve utilization , the role of fertilizers and soil . Humic acid and chemical fertilizer , not only can improve fertilizer efficiency, increase fertilizer efficiency , increase soil organic matter can also stimulate microbial activity and regulation department p H values ​​to improve the soil .

Humic acid regulation of chemical fertilizers is mainly reflected as nitrogen, slow-release potassium , phosphorus activation, by increasing fertilizer use efficiency and increase efficiency to achieve the purpose . Humic acid is a humic acid as the carrier release fertilizer fertilizer , can nitrogen, phosphorus , potassium and other nutrients slowly released , is an efficient, non-polluting and environment-friendly fertilizer. To further explore the humic acid release fertilizer in the fertilizer peanut field , I choose ordinary fertilizer , slow-release fertilizer unactivated and activated humic acid humic acid release fertilizer pilot study to improve agronomic traits of peanut , peanut improve the quality and production provide a theoretical basis .

Humic acid fertilizer for slow-release fertilizer trials conducted on peanuts, study the effects of different fertilizers on peanut agronomic , economic traits and yield . The results showed that: Wait nutrient conditions, the application of slow-release fertilizer humic acid activation peanut growing , economic traits and yield are better than other treatments , which increase the effect of slow-release fertilizer humic acid activation of the most significant per acre yield of 20.4% . Nuts protein content increased by 0.96% ~ 1.79% , fat content increased from 1.68% to 4.66% ; NPK utilization increased 29.54% ~ 67.71% , 14.61% ~ 34.55% and 5.98% ~ 23.85% . In this experiment, the activation of