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Humic acid can remove pesticide residues on plants

Population growth , climate change, dwindling arable land per capita in China and the world , with insecticidal, fungicidal , weeding, pesticide plant growth regulating function of food security , increase fruits and vegetables play an irreplaceable role . Because of certain pesticides in the prevention and treatment of soil, plant pests , while the food chain and cause serious environmental pollution, pesticide application and therefore has become the focus of the world’s most controversial .

Adverse effects of pesticides , prompting worldwide banned, restricted highly toxic pesticides ( organochlorine , organophosphate ) , and guide the development of less toxic synthetic pesticides ( pyrethroids , neonicotinoids , sterol synthetic agents – triazoles ) , continue to find natural pesticides ( Periploca , Celastrus , azadirachtin and other insecticides ) , fungicides ( rue , nicotine, bassiana fungicides ) , herbicides ( plant-derived secondary metabolites , amino acids – glyphosate class ) , but there are still fewer varieties of biological pesticides , slow effect, refractory sudden pests, high cost of chemical pesticides , are resistant to other issues.

Isotopes are atoms of the same one of the two or more chemical elements having the same atomic number , almost the same chemical nature but an atomic mass or mass number different chemical terms. Naturally occurring isotopes in nature known as natural isotope, isotope called artificial synthetic isotope . Isotopes have important uses, such compounds can be confirmed with the O mark the course of esterification , I used the function of the thyroid iodine uptake experiments . Isotope labeling techniques to study pesticide major role in vivo biochemical mechanisms , intermediates and metabolic pathways . Research on the use of isotopes in the ( water, microbial enzymes , nutrients, photosynthesis ) carbon conditions, changes in pesticide into the mechanism of plant nutrients , pesticides function of play to ensure a good harvest , optimizing the ecological environment , to build a harmonious society for sustainable development has far-reaching significance.