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Humic Acid Can Be Used As Fertilizer Synergist

Humic Acid Can Be Used As Fertilizer Synergist.

At present, China nitrogen use efficiency of about 20% to 50%; fertilizer utilization rate of 10% to 20%; 50% potash utilization to 70%, how to improve fertilizer efficiency, has become the world attaches great importance to the research topic. The small amount of humic acid N, P, K, S and trace elements have certain nutritional function.

Humic substances can be used as a carbon source by micro-organisms, the release of nutrients, can be used as an effective food and other micro-organisms need to survive.

In addition, the humic acids are relatively weak, not only has a strong pH buffering capacity, and a large amount of electric charge generated by the dissociation of the acid radical can adsorption, complexation, chelation of nutrient ions, one can reduce the nutrient ions for example, some micronutrient absorption by the soil mineral colloids fixed, on the other hand to avoid the loss of nutrients ion with water, but under the right conditions can be maintained in a water-soluble nutrient ion state, in order to plant uptake and utilization.

Humic acid also has a strong complexing and chelating ability, capable of binding with a metal ion, its biological effectiveness a significant influence, the most notable example is the humic acid by means of Fe, Al, Ca ions, thereby improving soil Phosphorus availability. Humic acid can stimulate root growth, improve the ability of root uptake and utilization of soil nutrients.

Therefore, although not of humic acid organic fertilizer, but it can be used as N, P, K and bio-fertilizer synergist, fertilizer to improve physical properties, improving its stability and effectiveness.

Peat, lignite, weathered coal as raw material, fill plus humic acid fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements made of varying degrees can improve fertilizer efficiency, the results have been confirmed by a large number of domestic and foreign research reports.

Among the more stable agricultural applications, better quality fertilizer rot mainly ammonium NHA, humic acid, ammonium nitrogen fertilizer rot, humic acid compound fertilizer. Such as urea and ammonium bicarbonate as the representative of nitrogen fertilizer, highly volatile and generally lower utilization, but after blend of humic acid and humic acid fertilizer, can increase its absorption and utilization of 20% to 40%.

Add rot ammonium bicarbonate made in peat, lignite, weathered coal, can bicarbonate in six days in nitrogen volatilization rate dropped to 2.04 percent from 13.1 percent. Fertilizer ammonium bicarbonate to maintain more than 20 days in the field trials, the rot ammonium up to more than 60 days. NHA added urea, urea can generate humic acid complex, so slow down the decomposition of urea, fertilizer extend, reduce losses, increase yield by 30% relative increase of urea, fertilizer increased by more than 15%. NUE measurement results, the addition of humic acid utilization increased from 30.1% to 34.1%. Thus humic broad prospects in green agriculture.