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Potassium Humate

How to produce Potassium Humate?

What is potassium humate?

Potassium humate is one of important humic acid salts,which is always called humate,is the final product when leonardite or lignite treated with alkaline.

Difference between humic acid and humate

Humic acid has big molecule weight and not soluble in water,slightly soluble in alkalin solution.
Humate is salt of humic acid, is completely soluble in water.
In order to be soluble, humates in raw form such as lignite or leonardite must go through an alkaline extraction process. Any of the salts like potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide can be used as the extractant. The potassium hydroxide extracted form is preferred for fertilizing application as potassium hydroxide (the extractant) is acceptable to many of the organic registration bodies while sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide are not.

Due to the low use rate of soluble humates they are not used as a main source of potassium for crops. The potassium is only there as a result of the extractant used. We do not advise increasing the level of potassium beyond what is already in our product as it will raise the pH and place the product in the “Dangerous Goods” category for transport which is much more costly. If you require potassium for the crop we recommend using normal potassium sulfate applied with a 5% inclusion of Soluble Humate Granules.

Manufacturing process

1. Raw material

1.1 Select leonardite or lignite
1.2 Natural oxidization for more than 3month
1.3 Crushing into fine powder

2. Chemical reaction

2.1 Supply raw material to reaction tank
2.2 Treat humic acid raw material with alkaline (KOH) at certain ratio under high pressure and temperature,complete reaction.

3. Sedimentation

Transfer the dilution into first-sedimentation tank keep still for sometime separate humin and other impurities,then pump into second sedimentation tank.

4. Filtering

Pump the dilution after sedimentation into centrifugal constantly to get high purity humate liquid.

5. Three type of Drying

5.1 Flake type through rolling drying machine
5.2 Powder type through spray tower.
5.3 Solar drying into crystal form


1. Could be used as additive for fertilizer to promote plants growth and increase soil fertility.
2. Animal feed .For poultry fish crab and so on
3. Industrial use.Used as coke binder
4. Ceramics additive
5. Oil drilling agent

Guidance for agriculture use

Potassium humate is strongly recommended used with Urea MAP DAP and MKP. Potassium humate could largely stabilize nitrogen and release lock up phosphorus in soil and increase soil water holding capacity,also will help to create optimal structure of soil for plants to absorb micro elements and other nutrients,block the heavy metals absorbed by plants thus stopped transfer to human.
Application Dosage 5% of the total blen