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Function of humic acid to soil

Humic acid to improve the soil in agriculture

Humic acid to improve the soil in agriculture to increase fertilizer efficiency, and stimulate plant growth, and enhance the resistance of plants to improve the role of product quality.

The humic acid type fertilizer prospects for the development of green fertilizer. In the organic – inorganic compound fertilizers add humic acid salt contribute to the realization of one goal. Added humic acid salt of the organic – inorganic fertilizer compared with the pure potassium humate powder fertilizer compound less nitrogen loss, phosphorus fixed a small amount of activation of soil nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients to complex state is gradually released, stable, balanced, adequate, suitable to supply crop nutrient needs, thereby to improve the utilization of chemical fertilizers.

Other humic acid salt or a drought-resistant agents, able to promote root development and improve root vigor, so that the roots absorb more water and nutrients, reducing the plant stomatal opening strength, reduce leaf transpiration, reduce plant water consumption, enhanced cold tolerance.

Improve the soil humic acid fertilizer, increase fertilizer efficiency, regulating the crop, to improve crop resistance and improve crop quality. A scientific basis and new ideas for the development of humic acid-type green fertilizer to promote the liquid potassium humate compound fertilizer and special fertilizer humic acid, humic acid and trace element fertilizer, humic acid liquid fertilizer, humic acid and crop growth regulating agents, products development, for the development of organic – inorganic combination of fertilizer varieties to provide a practical way, has become the mainstream of development of China’s green fertilizer.

First of all, part of the humic acid itself is the soil organic matter, the use of such organic humates fertilizer without any pollution of the soil; humic acid salt by adding fertilizer, reducing the amount of fertilizer, improved fertilizer efficiency and reduce the cost of agriculture. In addition, humic acid degradation of pesticide residues in soil, adsorption of heavy metal, elimination or reduction of soil pollution.