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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid Function to Plants

Fulvic Acid Function to Plants,the resistance of fulvic acid is including drought, cold, salt tolerance, resistance to pests and diseases, pollution and so on. 80 to 90 years of the last century, Henan and Xinjiang province made massive demonstration trials (a total of more than 200 million acres), proved fulvic acid is an excellent drought-resistant agents.

The test also proved that fulvic acid exhibit significant cold tolerance in wheat, canola, rice , legume crops in Northeast and Guangxi sugarcane , of which the control of rice in early spring on low Rot effect is very obvious. Henan, Shanxi planted wheat, corn on saline land where use fulvic acid to make seed dressing or spraying treatment, have made a significant stimulation effect. Fulvic acid also have a good effect in the prevention and treatment of apples rot, downy mildew, rot sweet potatoes, vegetables yellow leaf disease, Verticillium, etc.

About the mechanism of fulvic acid on the role of resilience, most people think when plants are under unfavorable environmental stresses, fulvic acid has the promotion or regulation of proline in plant cells and a variety of protective enzymes (such as superoxide dismutase SOD, too Effect of catalase CAD, etc.) activity, thereby increasing the stress resistance.